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Level Measurement can be broadly categorized in two types :- Point level measurement and Continuous Level Measurement. Point level measurement devices are most commonly used for Low or Over Flow or High Level Measurement. But, as far as volume or liquid level goes, Continuous Level Measurement devices provide the most accurate information. Level Transmitters belong to the second category. They provide all the data from the tank which can further be processed, analyzed and used for Inventory or Process management.

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Float Level Transmitter Features

Versatile and Sturdy

The Filpro Float Level transmitters can be used to measure a wide range of liquids such as water, diesel, petrol, acids, alkali, oil, fuel and other chemicals. The output of the Reed level transmitter is not at all affected by the changes in the temperature, pressure and other physical parameters of the system. It provides the most accurate measurement data from the tank.

Ready to install and commission

The Filpro Float Level Transmitters are all factory calibrated and ready to use. No need of further modifications etc. It’s completely maintenance free. It is the most economical fuel level transmitter.

Capacitance Level Transmitter Features


Cutting Edge Technology coupled with outstanding flexible features providing you accurate instantaneous data

The Filpro Capacitance Level Transmitters are designed to work with both conductive and non-conductive liquids. A PTFE Sleeve is provided with the transmitter for superior insulation and helps in being resistant to high temperatures.

In Conductive tanks, the PTFE insulated probe acts as one electrode and the wall of the tank acts as another electrode. As the amount of liquid in the tank changes, the dielectric value across these two electrodes changes , thereby changing the capacitance value. And thus, the level of liquid in the tank is measured.

In case of nonconductive tanks, a reference electrode is provided with the level transmitter, which acts as the ground electrode.

A high capacity device with extra emphasis on customization

The Filpro Capacitance Level Transmitters provide an output of 4-20mA with 4 wire connections for an isolated supply and 3 wires for non-isolated supply.

The calibration process of the 4 wire and 3 wire level transmitter is as easy as pressing a button. Just use the button when the tank in empty(4mA) and when the tank is full(20mA) and it’s ready to go!

Filpro also offers a rigid probe rod and flexible probe for tanks of various depths. Filpro Offers the Capacitance level transmitter in various mounting arrangements. As a customer, you can choose the level transmitter according to your requirement.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Compact and Budget-Friendly

The Filpro Ultrasonic Level Transmitter uses our proprietary technology to provide real-time accurate data from the tank. It is an affordable solution for the measurement in various industries such as: Water treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant, water storage tanks, beverage manufacturing, oil industry etc. Filpro offers it at a competitive, pocket-friendly price.

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Superior Technology with Extra Protection

The Filpro Hydrostatic Level Transmitter features model LV36 Hydrostatic liquid level transducers. The liquid level transmitted is equipped with a flush diaphragm and is designed to serve a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications.

It is built using high-quality, sturdy materials and is protected by a stainless steel housing. The presence of the flush diaphragm makes the level transmitter capable of measuring even viscous liquids or liquids with small particles present in it. Thereby making it useful for a wide range of applications across all industries. The standard pressure is obtained using the vent tube present on the cable. On request, the standard pressure can also be set as the absolute pressure.

High Capacity device with a wide-range of measurement values

The Filpro Hydrostatic Level Transmitter can measure the liquid level across a wide range of 0-1 to 0-200 meter water column. It has a sharp accuracy of 0.5% Full Scale.

The Customizable transmitters can be configured to either current loop-voltage output (4-20mA,0-10V DC)

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