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Level Measurement can be broadly categorized in two types :- Point level measurement and Continuous Level Measurement. Point level measurement devices are most commonly used for Low or Over Flow or High Level Measurement. But, as far as volume or liquid level goes, Continuous Level Measurement devices provide the most accurate information. Level Sensors belong to the second category. They provide all the data from the tank which can further be processed, analyzed and used for Inventory or Process management.

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Float Level Sensor Features

Versatile and Sturdy

The Filpro Float Level sensors can be used to measure a wide range of liquids such as water, diesel, petrol, acids, alkali, oil, fuel and other chemicals. The output of the Reed level sensor is not at all affected by the changes in the temperature, pressure and other physical parameters of the system. It provides the most accurate measurement data from the tank.

Ready to install and commission

The Filpro Float Level Sensors are all factory calibrated and ready to use. No need of further modifications etc. It’s completely maintenance free. It is the most economical fuel level sensor.

Percentage Level Indicator


The Filpro Percentage Level Indicator shows the percentage of fuel present inside the fuel tank continuously.

This unit consists of a Filpro Percentage Level Sensor mounted inside the tank and a digital level indicator which can be mounted in an easily accessible place such as a control room or a pump room.

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