We design, manufacture, supply and export the best Float Switches in India which are durable, highly resistant and budget-friendly.

A Float Switch is an integral part of every level monitoring system. Filpro Manufactures and delivers highly corrosion resistant, durable Float Switches. Filpro offers a wide-range of float switches which are suitable for your specific needs.

Magnetic Level Switch Features

Pocket-Friendly device using the latest innovative technology

The Filpro Magnetic Level Switches use a non-abrasive float which carries a permanent magnet and reed switches. A non-ferrous stem. The float glides along the stem and when the float nears the vicinity of reed switch the magnetic field of permanent magnet forces the contact to close, thereby completing the external electrical circuit. Filpro offer Magnetic Level Switch at reasonable price.

Float switch is available in Stainless steel construction like SS 304, SS 316, PP, Titanium

Float switch is widely used in water, diesel, oil, fuel, chemical, acid, alkali and beverage tanks.

Side-Mounted Level Switch

A simple, durable device

The Filpro Side-Mounted Level Switch is used to control liquid levels in a vessel which contains corrosive or non-corrosive liquids. It is built using superior quality materials and is resistant to chemical and physical changes due to the liquid in the tank.

It controls, provides alarms and indicates the level of liquid in the tank. It can also be used to control the pump and the valves.

Side mounted level switch consists of Microswitch which is a potential free output.

Miniature Level Switch

Compactly Designed Product

The Filpro Miniature Level Switch is an innovatively designed product by Filpro which is most suitable for mounting vertically. It consists of a guide tube with a reed switch inside and a permanent magnet inside the float assembly.

The Reed Switch contact has an NC & NO configuration. As the float moves along the liquid level, it changes the configuration of the reed switch contact thereby controlling the level of liquid in the system. It can be used for sensing the level of liquid in the tank.

Adjustable Float Level Switch

Easy-to-Install device with easy customization options

Filpro offers an adjustable level switch which is compactly designed and can be used in a wide-range of storage systems like sumps, overhead tanks and storage tanks.

It’s installation is very easy and the levels can be adjusted without much hassle. Filpro also delivers and manufactures adjustable level switches according your technical specifications.

Cable Float Switch

A simple device made for intense usage conditions

The Filpro Cable Float Switch is mainly made for usage in the automatic working of small pumps cellar emptying pumps.

In these systems, the liquid inside is agitated and the Filpro Cable Float Switch is designed to work with that. It has a working angle of 110° and is built for intense working conditions.

It is widely used for water, slurry, storm water, sewage water, effluent treatment plant, water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant.

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